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Indigo Essences are a gentle and safe way to help kids (and big kids!) deal with stress, anxiety and a lack of confidence.

Which essence do I need? 

Champion - Reminds us how strong we are when we feel bullied
Chill - Helps us calm down when we're angry
Confidence - Gives confidence and reassurance
Happy - Helps when we feel sad or down - helpful for depression
Invisible Friend - For when we feel lonely and afraid
Love - For when things get really tough and we forget we are loved
No Fear - For when we're scared or worried - great for anxiety!
Plurk - When we're snowed under with too much to do and we've lost motivation!
Settle - Helps us settle down - great for SPD, ADHD or when we don't feel right in our body
Shine - Reminds us that it's safe to be our genuine self
Sleep Easy - For when we find it hard to switch off, relax and go to sleep
The Works - For when we don't know what's wrong! The Works will make us feel better.