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De-Sensitising Feet

It's sometimes necessary to ‘de-sensitise’ feet before attempting to put socks on.

Otherwise, it can be just ‘too much’ of a change in sensation for sensitive and sensory kids.

We have lots of ideas to help, and here are some things you can try out:
1. Jumping up and down on the spot - can be tied in with a song or made part of the routine, and it’s FREE!!  Yay!
2. A foot massage - extremely sensitive kids will need to do this themselves.  If your child is happy for you to do all the pampering we find some prefer soft pressure, some need a proper kneading.  Get as much feedback as you can.
3. You can use textured stepping stones or foot rollers for kids who don't like skin to skin touch.
4. Speak to an Occupational Therapist about sensory skin brushing called the Wilbarger Protocol, if you don't have an OT please let your child brush their own feet with the Wilbarger brush to avoid overstimulation.
5. Foot spa.  A bit of a pain as part of the school run routine, but works really well for some, and reduces anxiety too if you pop a relaxing aroma in the water (or a calming Indigo Essence!)
Dont forget you can download our 'Top Tips to Sock Success' and find lots more help and handy hints on the resources page of our website.

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