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Dentrust 3-Sided Toothbrush by Dental Healthway


This amazing 3-sided toothbrush from Dentrust cleans all sides of the tooth at once - effective brushing in half the time!   The  angled bristles make it easy for anyone to brush correctly, including very young children, those with limited motor movement, or those for whom sensitivity means they can’t tolerate a brush in their mouth for very long.  Great for encouraging self-care skills - so, big smiles all round!

Brushing Procedure:

Simply place over teeth (as in picture below) and move in short back and forth strokes or circular movements.  DenTrust is designed to assist users in exercising proper brushing habits, the design ensures brushing is at the 45 degree angle recommended by dental professionals to remove plaque at the gumline and clean effectively. There are no complicated procedures; just brush in the manner described and DenTrust does the rest.

Adjustable Softness:

The softness or firmness of DenTrust Ultralon bristles can be manually adjusted to your preference. Simply hold the bristles under the tap while the water is running and adjust as follows:

Hot Water = Soft Bristle

Warm Water = Medium Bristle

Cold Water = Firm Bristle

Bristles are made of Ultralon, a new material that is over 200% softer than traditional nylon used in other brushes. Special round-tipped design to gently massage and protect delicate gum tissue.

Tongue Cleaner:

The ridges on the back of the toothbrush are designed to remove bacteria from the surface of the tongue. Just turn to ridged side and rub over tongue.

Autism / Special Needs

DenTrust is an effective toothbrush for those with autism or with special needs. DenTrust surrounds all 3 sides of the teeth at once, giving superior cleaning in a short amount of time. Excellent for those who are overly sensitive to brushing their teeth and those who are orally defensive or have oral motor issues. DenTrust gives you the help needed to clean teeth and gums in hard to reach areas and give efficient dental care. DenTrust customer: “Brushing my daughter’s teeth is less of a battle than it used to be.”

Braces / Orthodontic Care

Welcome to a whole new world of cleaning your braces! The DenTrust toothbrush was specifically designed to clean your braces. Providing more thorough care to not only clean your braces but also the hard to reach places on the insides of your teeth. Giving you the confidence that you have removed food particles from your braces, polished and cleaned your teeth and provided you with fresh breath. The only 3-Sided brush available to provide the maximum in dental health and give you the confidence to show your beautiful smile.

Care Givers / Assisted Brushing

The innovative 3-sided design makes assisted brushing not only easier, but also impossible to do the wrong way. It supplies complete and accurate coverage in a fraction of the time. The advanced material is softer and more gentle than traditional nylon bristles which makes having their teeth brushed a more comfortable experience and much easier to complete for the caregivers. DenTrust automatically applies the professionally recommended 45 degree angle to the gum line. Which can be very difficult to apply to another person, especially on the inside gum line area.

Product Features:

Independent Support Arms apply just the right amount of pressure to effectively clean the teeth and protect the gums.

Expansion Pleats allow DenTrust to automatically adjust to varying tooth widths.

Ultralon Bristles provide extra protection to gum tissue. Tongue Cleaner helps to remove bacteria from the tongue.

Proper Cleaning:

As toothpaste can collect between the bristles during use, it is important to clean DenTrust after each usage as follows:

1) Rinse the bristles under hot tap water, then;

2) Tap the handle to loosen the residue from the bristles. Repeat process if necessary.