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Hickies Laces - Never Tie Your Trainers Again! (4 Products)

No more fiddly laces! Turn your sneakers into slip-ons!

Suitable for Kids & Adults shoes too. Trainers become slip-ons in a flash...

Convenient, Stylish & EASY - what more could you want?

HICKIES is a no-tie, flexible and customizable responsive lacing system.

Hickies can be tied in 3 different ways depending on how tight you’d like your shoes or trainers to be.

Hickies responsive lacing system gives you grip without the slip — your days tying your sneakers are done! Keep your sneakers sleek with a pack of HICKIES shoelaces.

Each pack comes with 14 units, more than enough for any pair of sneakers.

Hickies can be tied one of 3 ways depending on how tight you'd like your sneakers to be.