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Indigo Essences - First Aid for Feelings

Which essence do I need? 

Champion - Reminds us how strong we are when we feel bullied
Chill - Helps us calm down when we're angry
Confidence - Gives confidence and reassurance
Happy - Helps when we feel sad or down - helpful for depression
Invisible Friend - For when we feel lonely and afraid
Love - For when things get really tough and we forget we are loved
No Fear - For when we're scared or worried - great for anxiety!
Plurk - When we're snowed under with too much to do and we've lost motivation!
Settle - Helps us settle down - great for SPD, ADHD or when we don't feel right in our body
Shine - Reminds us that it's safe to be our genuine self
Sleep Easy - For when we find it hard to switch off, relax and go to sleep
The Works - For when we don't know what's wrong! The Works will make us feel better.

Or just get the full set and be ready for anything! 

For more info and details on how to use these gorgeous essences, check out our Resources page here
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