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Indigo Essences - Your 'Emotional First Aid Kit'


Crystal Essences in Dropper Bottles or Room Sprays to help re-balance energy and restore feelings of calm.

A ‘First Aid Kit for Feelings’.

Ex homeopath Ann Callaghan created these gem essences to address most of the common emotional disturbances of childhood, and they are especially formulated with the needs of sensitive children in mind.

Some may have a very difficult time integrating with others, both at home and in school. Many have very strong energy and definite views about life, which can be challenging both for the children and for their care givers. Ann says "One of the biggest problems for children is not being listened to and understood, which in turn leads to the children resorting to more extreme behaviours to try and get their point across.” If you are having a stressful time at home a combination of good communication and these essences will help to move energy very quickly.


You can buy the essences in drop form or in spray form. The drops can be added to glasses of water or juice, into the bath, added to creams etc.  The spray form is great for spraying around a room. It acts like an energetic air conditioner and brings the energy of whichever spray you're using right into the immediate environment

Choose a quiet time to sit down and talk about whatever situation has arisen.  Let the child know this means that you both have a problem, and you'd like to find a way to solve it.  Ask your child if they would like to choose an essence for themselves. Then you choose one for yourself too! It is important that the adult is part of the healing process. Most importantly, allow the child to tell you how they are feeling. No interruption, problem-solving or judgement. You need to STAY QUIET until they have finished talking (Not easy!).


Essences contain the energy pattern of the mineral they are made from, held in water with a preservative to keep it from going off.  Indigo Essences are preserved in Vodka. It holds the energy of the essence very clearly and has a long shelf life. The 15 ml bottle is a concentrate and should be diluted by adding a drop or more of the essence to a glass of water which can then be sipped as necessary.

Some of the essences in store now...

Champion: When you feel bothered by bullies, just rub some champion on your tummy and the bullies will bolt.

Chill: When you're boiling up inside, chill out with this essence and your anger will subside.

Confidence: When you're feeling nervous or panicky or if you have a mental block in tests - just rub some confidence on your tummy and you won't feel such a mess.

Happy: Don't go mad 'cause you're feeling sad, with help from happy you won't feel half as bad.

Invisible Friend: For when you're feeling lonely or scared and you wish someone was there to give you a big hug and tell you that everything will be all right.

Love: When you are so hurt and angry that you can't feel anything, just cold and stony inside, we send this essence of love to repair the damage.

No Fear: For when strange noises are bugging you and frightening you in the night or when you feel wobbly in your tummy with no end in sight.

Plurk: When you're feeling bored or snowed under with homework Plurk will help you lighten up and learn to play and work. (very good for grown ups too)

Settle: When you feel rattly & shaky and can't settle down, this essence will help you and won't make you feel down

Shine: Don't be afraid to show us who you are, shine brightly, you really are a star

Sleep Easy: For when you're scared to close your eyes in case you see a NASTY surprise.

The Works: When you don't know what's wrong, the works will help you to feel strong.

Great for kids, but sshhhh! Here's a secret - not only are they also great for grown ups -  pets seem to like them too!  We have been using them in the office to banish our gremlins :)

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