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KayCey Supersoft Bodysuits


Adaptive Clothing for Older Children with Special Needs

Practical, comfortable and age appropriate undergarments.

These vests are made of fabric that is AZO free, super soft and gentle on the skin and has additional top stitching on the arm/neck/leg openings to prevent curling when washing the garments and changing the child's clothing.  The vests are all topstitched to prevent seams digging into the skin, especially if the child is in a brace.

There are 5 poppers in the crotch area and designed for repeated use with minimal wear, giving you a longer lasting garment.  The colour range is also very versatile and the range covers colours suitable for both boys and girls.

They provide discreet protection and a layer of warmth for your child while also giving you easy access for changing nappies & toileting.

The collar and shoulder area of the bodysuits are specifically designed so that it makes undressing almost impossible though this does not restrict movement.  (Also available with strategically placed Tube Access 'window' if required)

For a wide range of ages right up to adult, in a variety of colours & styles.

"The material is lovely and soft and the seams stitched down are more secure on the inside, stopping the edges/ridge of stitching rubbing the back of Lucy's neck, this then stops her scratching or pulling. As you know I cannot say enough about how they have made life easier for us with Lucy."  -Petra, United Kingdom

Important Note 2020! Since these items are manufactured in India, they are still experiencing high exposure to COVID-19 and hence the government has reduced workers attendance to a maximum of 50% to protect the workforce.  This has caused a shortage in supply so we recommend you pre-order for the next shipment arrival if possible.  We will always send to you at the earliest opportunity and aim for our estimate to represent the longest wait anticipated.

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