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"Jeans and trousers in hard fabric are totally out here and never come out of the wardrobe. But when it comes to SAM joggers I'm having to wash these daily 😆 I'm actually hoping the range will be extended  because they keep walking around with the same joggers on!"

"Super nice joggers and great service. For our stimulus-sensitive son it was immediately clear when he first tried them on we got to see a big smile and then heard the words: 'I think these will be my favorite trousers....' Thanks SAM!"

"My 2 sons of 7 and 5 have only had the joggers for a few weeks and yet they have been washed and spun in the dryer continuously (no shrinkage!!)! They don't want any other trousers and are wearing them every day! What more do you want as a mum?  The trousers are wonderfully soft, beautifully made and without tags and look super cool !!!"

"Super service! And super nice and soft joggers, fit perfectly. Washed here several times as well - still like new!"

"What a great service and quick delivery. So happy with it! This morning there  wasn't a single whine when putting on his new joggers,  so nice to start the day without stress. Even after school he wanted to keep his joggers on! They are really unique 🙂 We're a fan!"

"My son loves the Texture Joggers and I do too, now that I finally got  them off him to wash them they come out of the machine perfectly. Dry super fast too, so my son was very happy that the joggers were back on in no time. We are looking forward to new products,  definitely  need more please!!! 😍"

Creating a positive behavioural influence  

Every child wants to feel comfortable. That’s why SAM creates high quality, durable and comfortable clothes for children who are sensitive to sensory stimuli. The development of these clothes takes place in Belgium, partnering with a team of experts.

SAM produces clothes without labels or hard seams for (hyper)sensitive kids, creating clothes that cause as few stimuli as possible.

For children who want to enjoy more stimuli, SAM develops clothes with touchy and excitable textures, that feature extra gadgets to play with.

By targeting the different sensory needs of every child, SAM wants to help children feel more comfortable and make sure the clothes have a positive influence on their behaviour.

designed in collaboration with experts

responds to incentive needs

positive impact on behaviour

environmentally friendly