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SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Undies for Girls - 3pack: Pink/Purple/White Brief Pants

Product Brand: Smartknit Kids
Product Code: 84031
Product Condition: New
Girls undies 3 pack
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(Contains 1 pink, 1 purple, 1 white)

Completely free of seams! Our patent pending kids’ undies are designed to provide comfort and relief to children who struggle with those bothersome seams.

Soft Material “Hugs” Little Bottoms 
Soft, super stretchy yarns for undies that are soft against the skin and create a form-fitting design to “hug” little bottoms.

Comfortable Non-Binding Waist and Legs
Seamless Undies’ soft, stretchable waist and leg openings are comfortable for sensitive kiddos. No elastic to bind or be a source of irritation.

AVAILABLE COLOURS -   Single packs: White.   Multipacks: One each of Pink, Purple and White
How Bugsley Created His Seamless Undies
Once upon a time, in a not so far away place called Kansas, there was a little bug named Bugsley. Bugsley hated seams and made it his mission to help get rid of all those “lumps and bumps” where ever they may live. One day, Bugsley came to SmartKnitKIDS with a very special request from parents and kids. He was hearing story after story about how kiddos all across the land hated those annoying seams and binding elastic bands in underwear. Bugsley, being the kind bug that he was, wanted to help these kids and knew SmartKnitKIDS would have the answer. So they set out on their mission to develop the softest, most comfortable, and COMPLETELY SEAMLESS underwear. Bugsley and SmartKnitKIDS worked tirelessly in the top secret lab closely inspecting yarns for the softest materials, developing a super unique design to set the underwear apart from the rest, and programming a special knitting plan. They anxiously awaited for those first samples to come out and Bugsley exclaimed, “We’ve got it, little Seamless Undies without a single seam!” He ran out to the world to share the good news. And they all lived seamlessly ever after!

These undies are a blend of Coolmax and Lycra.  Coolmax is a specially made yarn for wicking away sweat and regulating temperature.  It doesnt use chemicals, it is the actual structure of the yarn that does the work.  It is a Polyester.
If you are looking for cotton I do have some bio-wash cotton and organic undies coming soon, so do check back or let me know you are interested so I can contact you when they arrive.