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You may have bought 'seamless' products before, which turned out to have seams after all - the terminology manufacturers use can be confusing! It's a minefield! SO to make things much easier...

This is how we describe the seaming (or lack of) in all our ranges:

Free of any seams - truly seamless - these are the ones that usually work when all else has failed!!

Seamfree = Hand-linked seaming or Comfort Seaming -  lays totally flat when worn but still does show as a line.   In some instances strings may still need to be trimmed.  Generally priced lower than seamless as they are easier to construct.

How does it work? To ensure you are ordering the right type and size of sock be sure to check out our Product Support & FAQ's page for more info or download our FREE sizing chart and info leaflets, this will ensure that you have the right product for your needs and avoid unnecessary returns!!

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