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SPIO - Deep Compression Clothing

SPIO or 'Stabilising Process Input Orthosis' is a dynamic compression system that assists with stability and provides feedback through deep pressure and tactile stimulation. 

Simple to use, easy to put on and care for, and conforms precisely to your child's body. 

Designed to be worn all day, has no break-in period, and allows for growth.  The breathable fabric is anti-microbial and moisture wicking.

SPIO has shown to be effective with kids of all ages:

• Syndromes such as Retts, Angelmans and Down Syndrome
• Cerebral palsy; Athetoid, Ataxia, Quadriplegia, Spastic diplegia, Hemiplegia
• Instability issues
• Hypertonia and Hypotonia
• Brachial plexus injuries
• Autism and Sensory Processing disorders
• And related developmental delays and disabilities

SPIO garments have a compression rating of 4mmHg​​​

Please note that each individual is unique and results may vary.  It is suggested SPIO be used with the recommendation of a clinician. The use of a SPIO orthosis is contra-indicated by patients who have heat-triggered seizure disorders, and/or lycra or neoprene allergies.

You can also check out our resources page for more info about SPIO here

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