NEW RETURNS ADDRESS!! Sensory Smart Returns, Unit E, Concorde House, Union Drive, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, B73 5TE

''We bought a couple chewy dog tag style necklaces from you in the autumn for his older brother. He is 10 and had just changed schools and demolished the sleeves on several sweatshirts over a couple weeks, I think just from anxiety! The necklace worked great as an alternative and his teacher thought it was great too so I gave her some of the cards. The chewing did subside but we will use the necklace again if needed. Thanks very much!''

April from Edinburgh

"Thank you for your prompt service of my order and for speedy response to my queries before placing the order.

I am completely overwhelmed with gratitude to you for solving the problem of comfortable socks for my husband. They are amazing just everything he wanted.

I am wondering if you can consider adding a couple of extra colour choices such as a mid blue and beige/taupe possibl - just a suggestion!

In the mean time I will be ordering 4 more pairs which presumably you will again refund the VAT."

 With Kind regards

Jill Hunt

''Wow! I received the package so quickly, thank you so much! I really appreciate it.''

Ernesto, Spain

''So happy with my first order of socks!! Such quick delivery and my daughter is delighted she can't feel the "lines" any more. Worth their weight in gold. Thank you. Going to order more now :)''

Julie, Dorset


''My son loves his "big boy socks!"

Jo, South Wales

''These are the only toothbrushes we have found that we can use with our son''

Zoe, E. Sussex

''Thank you once again for your great service!''

Teresa, Suffolk

''Many thanks again for your wonderful site!''

Pat, France

''I'll definitely be using your service again''

Jessica, Lancashire

''The socks and pants have arrived and it's nice to have an opportunity to say how great they are - my daughter has a skin condition called ichthyosis and her skin is fairly fragile, blistering with any friction. Your products are better than anything else we've tried and were recommended to us by Great Ormond Street Hospital.''

Lisa, Hampshire

''I would like to say how much of a difference your socks have made to our lives over the past 5-ish years. The socks are expensive but worth every penny as they are the only socks my eldest can tolerate. After a brief false start when she said "the seams that aren't there are bothering me" she took to them with enthusiasm and relief. She named them her "happy socks" and that is what they are now always called in our house. We have them in navy, pink, purple, white and grey. She has worn no other socks now for years and her twin sister envies her them.

We have been unable to get her to tolerate any tights until now and so she wears footless tights and happy socks if at all. It was a battle I simply didn't feel like having. My daughter has finally been open to trying tights again and having received these this week she says the Comfort tights are ok (the ultimate high praise from her!!) and she is delighted to have the option to wear a school skirt in the winter as well as trousers. I am surprised and delighted.

Your happy socks may be expensive but, compared to the trauma of our previous school morning routine, they truly are worth every penny.

Thank you so much!''

Kay, Kent

"Am I glad I found you!

I nearly burst into tears with relief reading through your website!
My son's school informed me of your existence, how come all special schools do not know of you?"

Donna, Surrey

"As a company you are really on the ball and well organised, really impressed how quickly my last order come to me."

Tracy, Somerset

"I have been really pleased with the products so far they have made such a difference to our daughter."

Elise, Jersey

"You’re amazing (as usual) thank you  Look forward to receiving the bits - I think I’m always more excited than my daughter (I'm looking forward to less tantrums)"

Terri, Kent

"I have been ordering from your wonderful store for a few years now. Have a boy with Asperger syndrome/ sensory processing disorder and another with a few sensory issues.

I am a big fan of your shop as are all the mums I know who have special little people."

Marijke, Devon

"The ankle socks are wonderful.

I have ordered a couple of pairs for my granddaughter a couple of weeks ago and they are the only socks she has ever worn without complaining
of the seams hurting."

Sheila, Warwickshire

"Thank you so much for your great service and the excellent communication. I have received the order and I am so pleased with it."

Amal, London

Would just like to say thank you for the service you provide. I never imagined I would have so much stress in my life caused by socks, but my daughter is now happily wearing the ones previously ordered. Such a relief!

Natalie, Leicestershire

Thank you for the socks. Took a few days before she would try them but put them on this morning for school and they’re so much more comfy. Will be ordering more next week, thanks again.

John, Merseyside

Thank you SO much for ending 'the sock nightmare before school !!! I am eternally grateful!

Diane, E. Sussex

Thank you for helping us out with such fantastic socks!

Julia, London

The tights are just great and all the drama in the mornings has stopped!!! Thanks!

Lesley, Hampshire

You and your product are a God send and it is you who has done me the favour.

Tracey, Dorset

Thanks again for your prompt service. Those socks have made such a difference to my five year old that I tried them on my seven year old this morning during a 'sock battle' he loved them straight away so I have now ordered some for him too. Worth every penny to me if it makes dressing them easier... And every penny to them if it makes life a bit more comfortable! They both have Asperger’s with lots of sensory issues. THANKYOU!
Emma, E. Sussex

Just wanted to say how impressed I am with your service.
I ordered some chewy bling items to try for my daughter yesterday morning and they came this lunchtime.
Thank you for such a quick service, I am very impressed!

Kirsten, Scotland

I don't know what my daughter would do without these socks especially, they are brilliant! And I need to keep an eye out for the soft leggings being in her size again, as they are also fantastic. Thank you for making a difference!

Rowena, Surrey

Life is so much easier now. She jumps into her clothes herself each day and can’t understand why I didn’t buy from this clothes store before instead of the horrible clothes that hurt her for years.

Thank you so much for making her life and ours easier. Keep up the fab work.

Orna, Dublin

The socks are a life saver - for my son's feet and my sanity!

Amanda, Bucks

THANK YOU so much for resolving this problem. Instead of tears in the morning it's now cheeky giggles because my little girl is so relieved!!

Mari, Lancashire

Received my little girl’s knickers today and they are great thanks. She wore them all day with a massive improvement noticed, she hasn't pulled at them much at all and I think the times she did were habit rather than discomfort.
Thanks also for the super fast delivery, I really needed a solution fast and I'm so grateful.

Gemma, Lancashire

The socks have landed and Kenia was so happy this morning. She says it feels as if she is walking on air and that the socks were warm and snuggly.

Tania, South Africa

Thank you so much for everything the advice you have given me is prices less and I just cannot thank you enough x x

Tracey, Nottinghamshire

I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful SmartKnitKids seamless socks, and your extremely fast delivery of them!
My son has been suffering for a while with clothes especially socks that are not right or itchy, and only in the last couple of weeks speaking to a friend who told me about Sensory Processing Disorder, a lot of the symptoms my son has and researching it found your website and the socks are helping him immensely, he loves that they are wrinkle free! Obviously it is still early days but they are magical so thank you!
I have just ordered more!

Kelly, Kent

Thank you very much. All received in excellent time. Great socks!!

Dawn, Bucks

Just wanted to let you know the parcel arrived last Tuesday, thank you so much for a great service, all the items are lovely.

Susan, London

You have made our life so much easier now that socks are no longer a problem in the mornings. Before I found you his sock problem caused massive distress every morning and consequently the whole day was affected. I have bought your socks for about 3 years now and not once have I ever had a 'worry' from Oscar about socks since that day - nor has he worn any other socks than yours, not once!!

Lucy, Bedfordshire

The socks are fantastic and since wearing them Craig's skin has stopped breaking down.

Diane, Devon

Just wanted to say thank you, I think this will significantly reduce morning drama! Love your concept and shop.

Eleanor, Co. Monaghan

Thank you so much. Arrived today, one happy little boy off on holiday (and mum and dad, no tantrums putting socks on !)

Thanks again.

Sarah, Lancashire

I have just received my 1st package of goodies from you and I am so impressed!

Both our children have Sensory processing disorder - one at each end of the spectrum! - and your shop is amazing.

Our daughter really struggles to keep her teeth clean, as she cannot ‘feel’ the plaque on them. One brush with your toothbrush and her teeth literally sparkle!

The clothes are lovely too. AND thanks to the seam tape, she can now wear her favourite ‘hello kitty’ teeshirt.

Our son will only wear t-shirt or fleecy clothes, so your range is excellent for him too, and being cotton, he’s not going to overheat like he does in synthetic stuff.

I’m really impressed, and so pleased that my friend put me on to your website.

Thank you


Thank-you so much for your amazing service yet again.

Helen, Hants

Wow impressed!!! Thank you always impressed with your help and communication.

Mari, Lancashire

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the seamless free socks you sell. My son has severe sensory issues with his feet and your socks have made life so much easier in the mornings. You have an absolutely brilliant website, which I shall be sharing and telling people about.

Tracey, Dorset

Thanks, these toothbrushes have been a god send, my son age 7 who is autistic wouldn't brush his teeth himself. I got his first brush when I got his socks some time ago, when it came I thought he’s not going to use it because of how it looks but he loves it and has brushed them by himself ever since, I am trying the hairbrush now!

Claire, W. Yorkshire

We bought a couple chewy dog tag style necklaces from you in the autumn for his older brother. He is 10 and had just changed schools and demolished the sleeves on several sweatshirts over a couple weeks, I think just from anxiety! The necklace worked great as an alternative and his teacher thought it was great too so I gave her some of the cards. The chewing did subside but we will use the necklace again if needed. Thanks very much!

April, Edinburgh

The girls haven’t taken the socks off all weekend! Both pairs have been through the washing machine twice & have still kept their shape & no problems with any ‘ridgy’ bits or lumps!

They definitely do the job for us! J

Thank you very much again for your help, getting ready for school today was a breeze!

Julia, London