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Undercover Tape - Ditch that itch!


We all share a common story - putting on a new shirt a pair of pants or even underwear for the first time and discovering that a wonderful piece of clothing has a dreadfully itchy tag or an annoying seam.

​An allergic or uncomfortable reaction to seams and tags in clothes is quite common.
This is why Undercover Tape made it their Mission to create comfort for all
- by ditching the itch!

What is Undercover Tape?

Undercover tape is a hypoallergenic, latex-free self-adhesive tape that acts as a barrier between you and irritating seams/tags on clothing, hats, socks, or anything that keeps you from feeling your best.

How do you apply Undercover Tape?

Gently lay Undercover Tape over irritating spot and smooth over to adhere.

How long will Undercover Tape last?

Depending on the fabric, Undercover Tape could last anywhere from 1 wash/dry cycle up to 5 wash/dry cycles.

Is it safe to put Undercover Tape directly on my skin?

​Yes, Undercover tape is a fabric tape that is hypoallergenic and latex-free.

Will Undercover Tape leave a sticky residue on my skin or clothing?

No, it is a tape for fabric and will not leave a sticky residue and therefore can be put on delicate fabrics.

What if I do not remove Undercover Tape before I put in in the washing machine/dryer?

It is not a problem. Undercover Tape can last from 1 wash/dry cycle up to 5 wash/dry cycles on moderate settings.

What are the dimensions of the Tape?

Undercover Tape can now be purchased in 2 different formats:

Pre-cut - 15 individual strips on 3 sheets.
Each pre-cut piece is 1"x 3"in dimension.

Self-cut - 3 whole sheets for you to cut to size

Lots of fabulous designs to choose from, plain or patterned.  All Sharpie ready!

We think it's the Best Quick Fix for Seams and Labels!